The Moon Got In My Eyes
Words:Johnny Burke
Music:Arthur Johnston
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Lyrics by:  Johnny Burke
Music by:  Arthur Johnston
Arranged By:  Nelson Riddle
Originally made famous by:  Bing Crosby
From the Album:  The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings
From the Film:  Double Or Nothing  (1937)
Label:  Reprise Records
Recorded:  November 29, 1965
Out of the darkness you suddenly appeared
You smiled and I was taken by surprise
I guess I should have seen right through you
But the moon got in my eyes.
I was so thrilled by the love you volunteered,
I gave my heart without a compromise
I guess you don't remember, do you?
When the moon got in my eyes
I thought a kingdom was in sight
That I would have the right to claim
But with the morning's early light
I didn't have a dream to my name
You know the saying that all who love are blind;
It seems that ancient adage still applies.
I guess I should have seen right through you,
But the moon got in my eyes
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