Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Written by:  R. Staver
Written by:  B. Hayward
Written by:  Frank Sinatra
With The Jeff Alexander Choir
Arranged by:  Axel Stordahl
From the Album:  Columbia Years, 1943-1952
Label:  Columbia Records
Recorded:  January 12, 1950
(Shiela, Shiela, wa wawawa woo)
Shiela is yesterday's kiss,
The girl who loved me, the heart that I miss,
At times when old flames reappear,
I cry over souvenirs, or smile at lonely flowers.
Those hours with Shiela, I'll never regain,
Their light has faded like one summer rain,
But someway I'll find that someday
When Shiela is mine once again.
(Those hours with Shiela he'll never regain.)
(Their light has faded, faded like one summer rain)
But someway, I'll find that someday
When Shiela is mine once again.
(Shiela, Shiela, woooo)
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