Shake Down The Stars
Words:Eddie DeLange
Music:Jimmy Van Heusen
Performed By:  The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald
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Frank Sinatra version performed with Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra, and
arranged by Paul Weston (Recorded February 26 1940, Label: Victor Records)

Shake down the stars,pull down the clouds,
turn off the moon, do it soon,
I can't enjoy the night without you,shake down the stars.
Dry up the streams, stop all my dreams,
cut off the breeze, do it please,
I never thought I'd cry about you, shake down the stars.
I gave you my arms, my lips, my heart,
my love, my life, my all,
But the best that I had to offer you,
I found was all too small.
Crush every rose, hush every pray'r,
break every vow, do it now,
I know I cannot live without you, shake down the stars.
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