Shadows On The Sand
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Written by:  Will Grosz
Written by:  Stanley Adams
Arranged by:  Fred Stulce
Label:  Victor Records
Recorded:  September 17, 1940
There were shadows on the sand closely mingled, just two lovers by a moonlit sea,
While I watched I thought of you and I tingled, for they kissed the way you did with me.
Then the shadows on the sand came much nearer, and the moon was like a spotlight then,
There was one familiar face showing clearer, it was you, I couldn't look again.
I felt so sad, there you were with someone new, I felt so glad, when I found it wasn't true.
For the shadows on the sand seemed to break up, and I looked around me with a start,
When the pounding of my heart made me wake up
From a dream that nearly broke my heart.
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