Nothing In Common
Words:Sammy Cahn
Music:Jimmy Van Heusen
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Lyrics by:  Sammy Cahn
Music by:   Jimmy Van Heusen
With:  Keely Smith
Arranged by:  Billy May
Originally made famous by: Bob Hope
Originally made famous by: Bing Crosby
From the Film:  Paris Holiday  (1958)
Label:  Capitol Records
Recorded:  March 3, 1958
    We've got nothin', got nothin' in common, just nothin' in common
   My darling, at all
   I love the opera, I detest the best pop
  Can't stand the opera, I like music that bops
  We're not fated, not heaven-created
  We're really mis-mated, our chances are small
    Let's part, be real smart and not start with this romance
   'cause outside of both having stars in our eyes
  And outside of sighing the same kind of sighs
    We've got nothin' in common at all

    We've got nothin', got nothin' in common, just nothin' in common
   It never could last
   I love Picasso, he's all style and he's all flair
   I've seen Picasso and I think he's a square
    Our two  goals are apart as the poles are
    As lovers our roles are completely miscast
    Let's make a clean break and not take any chances
  'cause outside of thinking you're something divine
   And outside of wanting your lips close to mine
    We've got nothin' in common
    We've got nothin' in common at all
SPOKEN by Frank:  "Waiter, separate checks."
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