My Love For You
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Written by:  Harry Jacobson
Written by:  Edward Heyman
Arranged By:  Axel Stordahl
From the Album:  Columbia Years, 1943-1952
Label:  Columbia Records
Recorded:  January 9, 1947
My love for you is past imagination,
My love for you is such a revelation.
I could never feel before, kisses were real before,
Heaven was here today and gone tomorrow.
But now I know that love's no mere sensation,
'Cause I'm aglow with joy and adoration.
I worship the sight of you, darling in spite of you,
I'll make you mine.
Every way you're all that I want you to be,
Every day, you seem to be nearer to me, dearer to me.
My love for you is like the great elation
That Shelley knew when he found inspiration.
You can never change it now, 'cause it's immortal,
My love for you.
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