Sugar On The Floor
Performed By:  Elton John
Copyright:© 1973 Yellow Dog Music
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Year:  1975
Album:  None (Appeared on 1992's RARE MASTERS collection, and as a bonus track on 
Writer:  Kiki Dee

You're a stranger to me
Then you give me your life
I toss it to one side
Still you're sweeter to me
When we lie on the shore

It's warm where you are
But my lips just don't burn
I feel so insecure
When you try to be kind
Could I ask for more

Looking at you now I know you only want to find me
Still I need a reason to leave the past behind me
Behind me
There ain't no easy way
To learn how to fly
I hope that I can kill
When I turn around you're there
Should I ask for more
I feel like sugar on the floor
I feel like sugar on the floor


I feel like sugar on the floor
I feel like sugar on the floor

I feel like sugar,
Feel like sugar
Feel like sugar.
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