Lonely Town
Words:Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Music:Leonard Bernstein
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Lyrics by:  Betty Comden
Lyrics by:  Adolph Green
Music by:  Leonard Bernstein
Arranged By:  Gordon Jenkins
From the Show:  On The Town  (1944)
Label:  Capitol Records
Recorded:  April 29, 1957
New York, New York, or a village in Iowa
The only difference is the name
If you're alone, whether on Main Street, or on Broadway
If you're alone, they are both the same, a town's a lonely  town
When you pass through and there is no one waiting there for you
Then it's a lonely town, you wander up and down
The crowds rush by, a million faces pass before your eyes, still it's a lonely town
Unless there's love, a love that's shining
Like a harbor light, you're lost in the night
Unless there's love, the world's an empty place
And every town's a lonely town
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