L.A. Is My Lady
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Written by:  Peggy Lipton Jones
Written by:  Quincy Jones
Written by:  Marilyn Bergman
Written by:  Alan Bergman
Orchestra conducted by:  Quincy Jones
Arranged By:  Quincy Jones, Dave Matthews, Jerry Hey, Torrie Zito
Label:  Qwest Records
Recorded:  April 13, 1984
The music she moves to, is music that makes me a dancer
I brought her my wildest of dreams, and she came up with the answer
I leave behind a part of myself, whenever I leave her
But oh, when I'm back in her arms
She smiles and then - I am home again
'Cause L.A. is my lady, she's always there for me
L.A. is my lady, she knows how to care for me
No lady's sweeter - you know it the moment you meet her
I've been in love more times, than I care to remember
And love's kept me cool in July and warm in December
It may not have lasted, but each time I thought it was heaven
You name it, I've been there and back
Lookin' for someone who - I'd be faithful to
L.A. is my lady, she's always there for me
L.A. is my lady, she knows how to care for me
She's good to me - yeah she's good to me, and that's why
L.A. is my lady - L.A. is my lady
And you're lookin' at a man who - doesn't ever plan to kiss his lady bye-bye
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