Lady Day
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra (1960)
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Written by:  Jake Holmes
Written by:  Bob Gaudio
Arranged By:  Charles Calello - Don Costa
From the Album:  Watertown  (1969)
Label:  Reprise - Reprise
Recorded:  8/25/69 - 11/7/69
Her day was born in shades of blue, her song was sad the words were true
Her morning came too fast too soon, and died before the afternoon
Poor lady day could use some love, some sunshine, Lady day has too much rain
Poor lady day could use some spring, some breezes, Lady day has too much pain
It's such a lonely face, such a cloudy sky, so many shadows in her eye
So many empty dreams, so many bitter times, just a handful of broken rhymes
Poor lady day could use a smile, some kindness, Lady day has too much rain
Poor lady day could use some dreams, some flowers, Lady day has too much pain
Just too much to say, just to much to know, too little time to say hello
And then the evening comes, and now she doesn't cry, and it's too late to say Good-bye
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