It's The Same Old Dream
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Written by:  Sammy Cahn
Written by:  Jule Styne
Arranged By:  Axel Stordahl - Axel Stordahl - Nelson Riddle
From the Album:  This Is Sinatra, Vol. 2  (1958)
                 The Capitol Years, Disc 2
From the Film:  It Happened In Brooklyn  (1947)
Label:  MGM - Columbia - Capitol
Recorded:  9/27/46 - 10/24/46 - 11/25/57
I can see a steeple, surrounded by people -
Oh how real it all starts to seem.
Just as the choir is singing, my alarm starts ringing.
It's the same old dream.
And then my thoughts inspire a scene by the fire,
In a cottage close by a stream.
I know it all by heart now - we're about to part now.
It's the same old dream.
If you but knew
How many times I pretend that I'm with you
I'm sure your heart would unbend.
You'd see me through
Until my dream had a happy ending
And I can picture clearly those things I love dearly -
In the center you reign supreme.
We kiss and I discover I'm a lonesome lover.
It's the same old dream
(Musical Interlude)
We kiss and I discover I'm a lonesome lover.
It's the same old dream.
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