It All Comes Back To Me Now
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Hal Kemp And His Orchestra
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Written by:  Hy Zaret
Written by:  Joan Whitney
Written by:  Alex Kramer
Originally made famous by:  Hal Kemp and his Orchestra
From the Album:  It's All So New
(full musical rendition, as Tommy always does)
Tommy Dorsey: Frank, are you kicking your two heels for this Valentine B-2?
Frank:  Man, I'm too brought down by the weather to kick my heels about anything.
Tommy: Thanks to a fare-thee-well by February 14, eh Frank?  Well, I never saw a case of wintertime
blues that a little singing wouldn't fix.  So give out with a chorus of It All Comes Back To Me Now,
and it'll all come back to you.  I guarantee it.
Frank sings:
It all comes back to me now, a starry summer sky,
A laughing you and I, alone.
It all comes back to me now, a sea of midnight blue,
Your face uplifted to my own.
We called it a thrill of the moment, and blamed the moon up above,
We didn't know what the glow meant, we never dreamed it might be love.
It all comes back to me now, the love I threw away,
And now each lonely night I pray, that it will all come back to me someday.
(full musical coda)
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