I Saw Your Face In A Cloud
Words:Robert Fetters
Music:Robert Fetters
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Connie Haines
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Written By:  Robert Fetters
Background Vocal:  Connie Haines
From the Album:  It's All So New
(back-up)  [Connie Haines]
Connie Haines:
[I saw your face in a cloud, and I was singing out loud]
[When I saw your face, your very lovely face in a cloud.]
[I saw your eyes in a star, they winked at me from afar]
[A million miles away I saw them plain as day in a star.]
[You are on my mind, morning noon and night.]
[And no matter where I go, I find you are always in my sight.]
[I saw your face in the moon, you disappear too soon.]
[So I hope and pray when there's no moon to shine,]
[I'll see your lovely face, your very lovely face next to mine.]
(musical interlude)
You are on my mind, morning. noon and night.
And no matter where I go, I find you are always in my sight.

 next to mine.
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