I Love Paris
Words:Cole Albert Porter
Music:Cole Albert Porter
Performed By:  Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra
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Written by:  Cole Porter
Arranged By:  Nelson Riddle - Nelson Riddle - Neal Hefti & Billy May
From the Album:  Come Fly With Me  (1958)
From the Film:  Can-Can  (1960)
Label:  Capitol - Capitol - Reprise
Recorded:  10/13/59 - 4/13/60 - 6/5/62 (live in Paris)
Every time i look down on this timeless town,
Whether blue or gray be her skies,
Whether loud be her cheers, or whether soft  be her tears,
More and more do I realize that...

I love Paris in the spring time
I love Paris in the fall
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles
I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles

I love Paris every moment
Every moment of the year
I love Paris, why oh why do I love Paris
Because my love is here
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