I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
Words:Theodore Koehler
Music:Harold Arlen
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald
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Written by:  Harold Arlen
Written by:  Ted Koehler
Arranged By:  Skip Martin
Album Title:  The Capitol Years, Disc 3
From the Album:  Sinatra Sings of Love & Things  (1962)
From the Show:  Earl Carrol's Vanities  (1932)
Label:  Capitol Records
Recorded:  March 6, 1962
I gotta right to sing the blues
I gotta right to feel low-down
I gotta right to hang around
around the river
A certain gal in this old town
Keeps draggin' my poor (old) heart around
All I see,
for me is - misery
I gotta right to sing the blues
I gotta right to moan and sigh
I gotta right to
sit and cry
Down around the river
I know the deep blue sea
Will soon be callin' me
It must be love -
say what you choose
I gotta right to sing the blues
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