Words:Ray Charles, S. K. Russell and Alberto Dominguez
Music:Alberto Dominguez
Performed By:  Artie Shaw, Julie London (1963), Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
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Lyrics by:  Ray Charles
Lyrics by:  S.K. Russell
Lyrics by:  Alberto Dominguez
Music by:  Alberto Dominguez
From the Album:  It's All So New
Some time ago, I wandered down into old Mexico
While I was there, I felt romance everywhere
Moon was shining bright, and I could hear laughing voices in the night
Everyone was gay, This was the start of their holiday
It was fiesta down in Mexico, and so I stopped a while to see the show
I knew that frenesĦ meant "Please love me" and I could say frenesĦ.
A lovely señorita caught my eye, I stood enchanted as she wandered by
And never knowing that it come from me, I gently sighed frenesĦ.
She stopped and raised her eyes to mine, Her lips just pleaded to be kissed
Her eyes were soft as candle-shine, so how was I to resist?
And now without a heart to call my own, a greater happiness I've never known
Because her kisses are for me alone, who wouldn't say frenesĦ?
B?same tu a mĦ, b?same igual que mi boca te bes˘
Dame el frenesĦ, qui mi locura te di˘, quien si no fui yo
Pudo ense¤arte el camino del amor, muerto mi altivez
Cuando mi orgullo rodo a tus pies,
Quiero que vivas solo para mĦ, y que tu vayas por donde yo voy
Para que mi alma sea no mas de ti, b?same con frenesĦ.
Dame la luz que tiene tu mirar, y la ansiedad que entre tus labios vi
Esa locura de vivir y amar, que es mas que amor frenesĦ
Hay en el beso que te di, alma, piedad, coraz˘n
Dime que sabes tu sentir, lo mismo que siento yo
Quiero que vivas solo para mĦ, y que tu vayas por donde yo voy
Para que mi alma sea no mas de ti, b?same con frenesĦ
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