Do I Worry
Performed By:  The Ink Spots, Frank Sinatra
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Written by:  Stanley Cowan
Written by:  Bobby Worth
Arranged By:  Axel Stordahl
With Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra
Featuring the Pied Pipers
Originally made famous by:  The Ink Spots
Label:  Victor Records
Recorded:  February 17, 1941
Do I worry 'cause you're stepping out, do I worry `cause you've got me in doubt
Though your kisses aren't right, do I give a bag of beans,
Do I stay home every night, and read my magazines,
Am I frantic `cause we've lost the spark, is there panic when it starts turning dark,
And when evening shadows creep, do I lose any sleep over you.
Do I worry, you can bet your life I do.
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