The Rumour
Words:Bernard Taupin
Music:Elton John
Performed By:  Olivia Newton-John, Elton John
Copyright:© 1988 Polygram International
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This is the last time I'll look across this table -
and try to face a feeling I don't even recognize.
This is a sad hand that reached across and touched you,
when all we'd built around us came crashing to the ground

But I still tried to love you, I still tried to care.
Still tried to hold on with the power of my prayers.
But you can't fight the rumour - you can't argue with you heart, no.
Once the rumour spreads, once the rumour spreads,

There was a tide turning somewhere deep inside us.
When all these years together seem lost behind my tears.
Oh there were good times but in between the dog days -
I felt the pain of rumour whisper in my ears.

As the rain falls I listen to the radio -
and try to memorize the words to "Georgia On My Mind"
But we're no old song we never stood the test of time.
The lies inside the rumour left trust so far behind.

Once the rumour spreads, the truth is just a thing of the past.

And when we say goodbye, be sure to look me in the eye.
And know the real secret was the thing we didn't have to hide.

{Repeat Chorus}
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