Bali Ha'i
Words:Oscar Greenley Clendenning Hammerstein II
Music:Richard Rodgers
Performed By:  Perry Como (1949), Frank Sinatra
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From the Film:  South Pacific  (1949)
Label:  Columbia Records
Recorded:  February 28, 1949

Most people live on a lonely island, lost in the middle of a foggy sea,
Most people long for another island, one where they know they will like to be.
Bali-Hai may call you, any night, any day,
In your heart you hear it call you, "Come away, come away!"
Bali-Hai will whisper on the wind of the sea,
"Here am I, your special island. Come to me, come to me."
Your own special home, your own special dream,
Loom on the hillside, and shine in the stream.
If you try, you'll find it, where the sky meets the sea,
"Here am I, your special island, come to me, come to me."
Bali-Hai, Bali-Hai, Bali-Hai!
Someday you'll see me, loafing in the sunshine,
My head sticking out from a lone vine and bough,
You'll hear me calling you, singing to the sunshine,
Sweet and clear as can be.
Come to me, here am I, don't you see,
If you try, you'll find me where the sky meets the sea,
Here am I, your special island, come to me, come to me.
Bali-Hai, Bali-Hai, Bali-Hai!
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