A Kiss Goodnight
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra
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Written by:  Reba J. Herman
Written by:  Victor
Written by:  Slack

She:  A kiss goodnight is alright, in fact remember this, A kiss goodnight leads to another kiss.
He:  A kiss goodnight with a hug real tight is nothing short of bliss, And a kiss goodnight, pow, leads to another kiss.
She:  It's an old custom for a boy and a girl two-way embrace, In some secluded place.
He:  Little Mr. Cupid, never could be bright or stupid Has to do a turn-about face.
He:  So it just ain't right to kiss goodnight, and stop at three or four,
She:  'Cause a kiss goodnight leads to a dozen or more.
Both:  So it just ain't right to kiss you goodnight, and then stop at three or four, or more
'Cause a kiss goodnight leads to a dozen or more.
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