Ain'tcha Ever Coming Back
Performed By:  Frank Sinatra, The Pied Pipers
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Arranger:  Axel Stordahl
Written by:  Irving Taylor
Written by:  Paul Weston
Written by:  Axel Stordahl
Label:  Columbia Records
Recorded:  March 11, 1947
Background vocals by The Pied Pipers
Ain'tcha ever coming back, aintcha?  Can't ya see the difference it makes?
I'm half myself without your kisses,
One more night of doing without `em will drive me crazy
Won'tcha make me smile again, won'tcha?  Just a word is all that it takes.
Your hello will let me know that we're the same as we used to be,
Oh, ain't cha ever coming back to me?
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