One Solitary Tear
Performed By:  Sherrie Austin
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Your love was reckless baby, I fell deep
Easy to hold but you were hard to keep
You were a heartache, waiting to be
We took off flying down a dead end street

I never knew that love could, hurt so bad
When you said goodbye with a tip of your hat
I watched you leaving across the welcome mat
And though I know that you ain't coming back

One solitary tear, is all I'll cry
One solitary tear, falling, falling
Falling from my eye
I'll get over you, I'll get by
One solitary tear, at a time

Little things remind me, that you are gone
The mailman still brings all your catalogs
The radio just keeps on playing our songs
But I tell myself that I have to be strong



I'll get over you, I'll get by
One solitary tear, at a time
One solitary tear, at a time
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