Ida Red
Performed By:  Asleep At The Wheel
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Lights in the parlor, far in the grate
Clock on the mantle says it's a gettin' late
Curtain in the window, snowy white
Parlor's pleasant on a Sunday night

Ida Red, Ida Red, I'm plum fool about Ida Red
Ida Red, Ida Red, I'm plum fool about Ida Red
(Ah now...that ol' piano, yea!)

Lamps on the table, pictures on the wall 
I'm pretty sober and that ain't all
If I'm not mistaken I shore am right
A somebody else in the parlor tonight

(Ahh yea!)

Chicken in the breadpan peckin' out dough
Granny will your dog bite? No chil' no
Hurry up boys now and don't be slow
You ain't a goin' an' you was awhile ago


Now my ol' mistress promised me
That when she died she'd set me free
She lived so long that her head got bald
Taken' the notion not to die at all

(Ah them little mandolins·
The biggest little instruments in the world, yea!)

Lights burnin' dim, far's a gettin' low
Somebody says it's time to go
I hear a whisper gentle and light
Don't forget to come back Saturday night
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