Choo Choo Ch' Boogie
Performed By:  Asleep At The Wheel
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Heading for the station with a pack on my back
Tired of transportation in the back of a hack
I love to hear the rhythm of the clickety clack
And hear the lonesome whistle, see the smoke from the stack
Pal around with Democratic fellows named Mack
So, Take me right back to the track, Jack

Choo choo, choo choo ch' boogie
Woo woo, woo woo ch' boogie
Choo choo, choo choo ch' boogie
Take me right back to the track, Jack

You reach your destination, but alas & alack
You need some compensation to get back in the black
You take the morning paper from the top of the stack
And read the situation from the front to the back
The only job that's open needs a man with a knack
So put it right back in the rack, jack

(chorus again)

Well I'm gonna settle down by the railroad track
And lead the life of Riley in a beaten down shack
And when I hear the whistle I can peep through the crack
And see the train a' rollin' while she's ballin' the jack
I just love the rhtyhm of the clickety clack
So take me right back to the track

Craig Evans (Burnt Taters)
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