Y'All Come
Performed By:  Arleigh Duff
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When you live in the country
Everybody is your neighbor
On this one thing you can rely
They'll all come to see you
And never ever leave you
Sayin', y'all come to see us bye and bye.

Y'all come, y'all come.
Oh, y'all come to see us when you can
Y'all come, y'all come
Oh, y'all come to see us now and then.

Kinfolks a-comin'
They're comin' by the dozen
Eatin' ever'thing from soup to hay
And right after dinner
They ain't lookin' any thinner
And here's what you hear them say.


Pore old Grandmaw's a-wishin'
They'd come out to the kitchen
And help do the dishes right away
But they all start a-leavin'
Even though she's a-grievin'
You can still hear Grandmaw say:

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