I've Never Loved Anyone More
Performed By:  Lynn Anderson
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It seems that I don't think about you too much,
and I'm not too sure why I thought of you now,
time has a way of numbing the touch,
but I still recall when you left me,
just how much it hurt me to stand there just watching you leave,
I couldn't believe it was true,
after moments we shared,
and the souls that we bared,
I've never loved anyone more.

But like I said, I don't think of you much,
there's someone beside me who helps me forget,
and she's showed me how, not to think ofyou now,
but when I remember you
I don't regret that we couldn't hold on to the dreams that we shared,
the dreams that were there to believe in,
and for all of the pain,
I would love you again,
I've never loved anyone more.
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