Takin' The Country Back
Performed By:  John Anderson
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Goin' down to Muscle Shoals
Where the swamp water rhythm flows
Live the only way I know
I'm just a common man
Headed down to Texas way
Where the honky tonk heroes play
Gonna find that lost highway
That's where I'll make a stand

Takin' the country back
It's high time we face the facts
Heart and soul slippin' through the cracks
We're takin' the country back
Takin' the country back
We're not sure just where it's at
We've got to get it back on track
We're takin' the country back

Bright lights and limousines
Fame and fortune I have seen
Still searchin' for that dream
It's callin' me back home
Down to earth where the music's real
Singin' 'bout what the people feel
Timeless truth, now that's the deal
We got to pass in on, y'all

(Chorus x3)

We're takin' the country back
Takin' the country on back
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