Small Town
Performed By:  John Anderson
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You can talk about the weather
Or the mayors sister
You can talk about small talk

You can walk the city limits
In a matter of minutes
You can talk about taking a walk

You can count the stars in the clear night sky
Or just sit back and hear the train go by

Hey, it's a small town
They roll the sidewalks up
Come around sundown
Hey, it's a small town
The place where we grew up
And still Hang around

That rich young widow
Keeps talking to the preacher
Lord help their soul's be saved

And Mr. Johnsons daughter
Flew in from Nevada
When they put him in his grave

Tommy took a summer job at Pontiac
He's still writin' letters but he's not comin' back


(Instrumental - repeat intro)


I'm easy to be found
Hey, it's a small town
Play intro twice, fade on second time.
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