Last Night I Laid Your Memory To Rest
Performed By:  John Anderson
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It's been years 
since you said goodbye
When you left you left a mem'ry 
I thought would never die
It took time, but I found someone
who made me forget
Last night I laid your mem'ry to rest

There was candle light
and flowers
soft music and wine
When I held her in my arms
You didn't cross my mind
She helped me bury 
a love that was dead
Last night 
I laid your mem'ry to rest


We laughed and talked 
'til dawn's early light
And when she asked me if I loved her
I didn't think twice
I slipped your ring off my finger
Without one regret
Last night I laid your mem'ry to rest


Last night
I laid your mem'ry to rest
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