Chicken Truck
Performed By:  John Anderson
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Well it was mornin when I left Alabama,
Must have been around in mid July.
Got behind a chicken truck from Georgia,
And the feathers were a flyin' like snow out of the sky.
Couldn't get up the speed enough to pass him,
And a funny smell was a gettin' close to me.

Chicken truck, chicken truck behind it I'm stuck,
Chicken truck, chicken truck it's just my luck
Chicken truck on Highway sixty five.
Well the hen's are a sqaukin' and the roosters are a crowin'
Slowin' me down when I need to get goin'
Chicken truck, on highway sixty five.

He slowed down and I tried to drive around him,
On a big long hill just south of Tennesee
He had a box of Colonel Sanders on his dashboard,
And he was eatin fried chicken and throwin his bones on me.

(Chorus x2)
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