Words:Gary Gentry
Music:Gary Gentry
Performed By:  John Anderson
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Cigarettes were a quarter then,
bobby socks and jeans were in, 
Elvis sang the songs that we loved so, 
and the most important thing to us, 
was keeping gas in my old truck, 
so I could take us to the drive in show.

Then graduation finally came, 
Uncle Sam called me away, 
you married someone else while I was gone, 
but I've kept your letter all these years, 
and I can't help but shed a tear, 
when I read the words you wrote me years ago.

Baby I'm yours, 
I'll love you always, 
I'm gonna stand by you until the end of time, 
remember all of the good things that we shared together, 
love Betty, 
nineteen fifty nine.

I never will forget the day, 
when you and I went all the way, 
I was the first for you, 
and you for me, 
I've still got the truck that we loved in, 
it takes me back there now and then, 
back to fifty nine in my memory.

(Repeat Chorus)
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