Sudden Love
Performed By:  Eric Andersen
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I saw you travellin in the north
Your smile so clean and young
Standing tall and green and slender like a sunflower on the sun
We walked up to each other 
You handed me a flower
You asked me would I stay with you for a lifetime or an hour
Sudden love a sudden spark a memory burns 
The fire starts you stopped the dark
When you came in sight
You cut the darkness into light
Then one day it happened love plays its little game
The air was green with jealousy it was the month of May
We hired out every extra to even up the cast
I saw the curtain fallin down right across my past
Sudden love can fall apart 
When shadows fall across a heart you blew out the flame
When I turned to part you cut the light into the dark


If it ever comes one is left behind
Always the let the fact be known love is sometimes kind
Don't forget about the girl in the long blue dress
And the man who sang his song
That day that day when love was blessed
Sudden love a sudden spark a memory flares up in the stars
You took the dark when you came in sight 
You cut the darkness into light
You cut the darkness into light
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