Rain Falls Down In Amsterdam
Performed By:  Eric Andersen
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The rain falls down in Amsterdam the streets are wet and black
Midnights like November by the glow of a cigarette
The girls on hash in station square looking stupid from the drugs
When Marlene heard the boots march there were reasons to be dumb
Shiny helmets in the shadows
Those trains that left at night
Those hiding in the cellars those eyes afraid of light
Something neath the border's poured poison in the well
The creature has uncoiled and is crawling up from hell
Here comes 1914 1932 
Those cattle cars and yellow stars
It's right back to the roots
It's movin in the open with a snarl and a growl
The cages have been broken and the beast is on the prowl
Fire bomb those houses burn those refugees
Be the crowd and do your work
Applauding silently round up all the gypsies
Go sell them on the trains
Can't you smell the smoke now
Drifting through the rain
Jews better draw your curtains 
You better lock your doors up tight
They're snarling up in Rostock in the beer hall belly nights
The Fourth Reich's coming now baby
They're writing out the page in Rome, Berlin, and Stockholm
The beast has left the cage
Here comes 1932 here comes deja vu
Those cattle cars  and yellow stars 
Was there someone that you knew
It's right there in the open somethings smelling bad
The cages have been broken and the beast is a running mad
Those canals and cozy houses
Those reflections in the light
You can almost feel it moving
The monster in the night
It's looking with it's yellow eyes
It's out to settle scores in the dim medieval distance
Feel it breathing down your pores
In Salt Lake City and in Rio
The beast can smell the flames
It's faxing hate out in Marseilles typing out your name
You can hear the windows shatter as the time is drawing near
Kristall Nacht come to town
Welcome back to the house of mirrors
The fire and the armbands and the iron arm salutes
Pointing to the scapegoat was it me or was it you
It's right there in the open
Don't just stand there hoping 
the leashes have been broken
And the dogs are on the loose
Now I have been here thinking how lucky I have been
I never touched the barb wire never saw the money grin
No rifle ever smashed my face no bare electric shock
But I'll confess up 
All I know who I am and who I'm not
To see retired killers is to see the lion yawn
The shinheads do their dirtywork for the cloak and dagger pawns
The dark eyes will be waiting there
When the borders they are crossed
So keep your filthy swastikas and shove your iron cross
Here comes 1914 1932
Those cattle cars and yellow stars 
It's right back to the roots
It's out  there in the open
It's crawling on the move
The cages have been broken and the beast is on the loose
Can't you smell the blood now
Can't you smell the truth
And the rain falls down in Amsterdam
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