Chow Down
Words:Sir Timothy Rice
Music:Elton John
Performed By:  Tracy Nicole Chapman, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Kevin Cahoon
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(C) ???? Walt Disney Music Company

(Banzai)            He called us slobbering!

(Shenzi)            Said we were mangy!

(Banzai)            Did I hear stupid?

(Ed)                Huh?

(Shenzi and Banzai) Tell us again - gee
                    It's so incredible

(Shenzi)            That you're so rude

(Banzai)            When you're so edible

(Shenzi and Banzai) When you are food!

(Banzai)            It's time to chow down

(Shanzi and Banzai) Chow down!
                    Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chow down

(Shenzi)            I'm chompin' at the bit, baby

(Banzai)            My stomach's on the growl, son

(Shenzi and Banzai) Chow down!
                    Chow down!
                    You both been invited on a date
                    Two courses handed to us on a plate
                    We'll have you raw, won't be long to wait
                    Seeing you're already brown
                    Chow down!
                    Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chow down!

(Banzai)            Your ribs are looking so tasty

(Shenzi)            Such chewy little chops, chums

(Shenzi and Banzai) Eat up!

(Shenzi)            Now wasn't it her mom who ate your dad?

(Shenzi and Banzai) And having parents eaten makes us mad

(Banzai)            We're gonna settle up the score a tad

(Shenzi and Banzai) We've never had a snack of such renown
                    Chow down!
                    Chow down!

(Ed)                Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-

(Shenzi)            What, Ed? What is it?

(Banzai)            Hey, did we order this dinner to go?

(Shenzi)            No

(Banzai)            Well, there it goes!

(Shenzi and Banzai) I think we should begin the meal from scratch
                    So many juicy segments to detach
                    Be good as gold for you're as good as carved

(Shenzi)            Here, kitty kitty...

(Shenzi and Banzai) We're starved!
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