Best That I Can Do
Performed By:  Allison Moorer
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When  you left I never thought I'd say
I'm better off without you anyway
But just because I say the words
Don't mean I think they're true
It's just that it's the best that I can do
I don't go to places you might be  
I can't take the chance that we might meet
But just because I stayed away 
Don't mean I wanted to
It's just that it's the best that I can do
Someday I'll do better
But 'til then
I can't let you know how hurt I ve been
I wish had you back with me
But I wont play on your sympathy
To get you in my arms once again


I admit there's other I have seen
Sometimes I need company
But just because I'm loving them
Don't mean I'm over you
It's just that it's the best that I can do
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