Alabama Song
Performed By:  Allison Moorer
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Allison Moorer      Alabama Song    written by Allison Moorer 
                                               Doyle Primm
Kenny Greenberg   acoustic guitar
Rick Plant        guitar
Michael Rhodes    bass
Chad Cromwell     drums
Dan Dugmore       steel guitar
Tim Lauer         organ
Ashley Cleveland  background vocals 
Russ Taft         background vocals 

From Allison Moorer "Alabama Song"
MCA Records 1998
Windswept Pacific Songs/Louise Red Songs/Full Pull Music(BMI)

Are you going to Alabama
Where the trees grow tall and green
I'd like to see the Gulf Of Mexico
If you're going won't you take me
Are you going to Alabama
Where the skies shine bright and blue
I'd like to see old Tombigbee
If you're going I want to go with you
Are you going to Alabama
Where the folks say how do you do
I'd like to see those big old cotton fields
If you're going  I'm going too
I'm ready to run baby
Through the sweet southern pines
Lie down in a bed of Camelia
And watch the sun shine


If you're going to Alabama
I could use a change of view
But if you're going to California
That's alright any place will do
Well I guess I just wanna go with you
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