People Look Around
Words:J. D. Allen
Performed By:  Unknown
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by J.D. Allen

(I wrote this song while in the navy serving in Beirut.  I never had good 
music to it, just a good lyric line, so if anyone out there might want to try 
the music, feel free, I would like to hear back from anyone who might like 

People look around you;
There's trouble everywhere
You keep lookin' for the answers
To the questions that ain't there;

From your past mistakes you will learn
That what you have; you have to earn
So take the good, the bad, and the ugly boy
There all there to learn

And keep your head up in the air
Just look straight ahead
And don't be afraid boy
Of what might be there;

They sent you across the ocean
To a far and distant land;
Told you to fight for your country
Gonna fight for Uncle Sam

Still you ask yourself the questions;
What are we fighting for;
But you already know the answers
It's for truth, for peace and love

People look around you
There's trouble everywhere
Stop lookin' for the questions
The answers are in the air.
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