No Judgement Day
Performed By:  Gary Allan
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Willie Johnson was liking up a storm Monday night
someone snuck in and they commenced to fight
His wife went in and found him lying on the freezer floor
now this sleepy little town, it aint sleepy no more
now Sheriff Walker holds three local boys in jail
They confessed right down to the last detail
they beat Willie with a bat, He was 70 years old
Then they bought some beer with the six dollars they stole

I know my anger is not politically cool 
But, brother were in danger when kids can be so cruel as to kill for play, 
Dear god have mercy we're liven just like theres no judgment day
Billy Haney is the youngest of the three accused
his grandpa got him as a baby hungry and abused 
but no one guessed the depth of his emotional scares 
'til we saw him on the news grinning like a movie star

I know my anger is not politically cool
But, brother we're in danger when we can be so cruel, as throw our kids away
Dear god have mercy we're living just like theres no judgment day

Today the headlight lined in the drizzling rain
to the graveyard stretched a five mile chain
and we laid to rest one of this towns sweetest souls
And we barried the peace we know in that very same hole.
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