It Would Be You
Performed By:  Gary Allan
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It's hard describing a heartache, aw cause it's a one of a kind thing.
A serious injury, and a whole lot of endless pain.
If it was a storm, I'd compare it to a hurricane.
Oh, it's even got a name.

If it was a drink, it would be a strong one.
If it was a sad song, it would be a long one.
If it was a color, it would be deep, deep, blue.
But if we're talking about a heartache, it would be you.


If it was a full moon, it would be a total eclipse.
If it was a tidal wave, it would sink a thousand ships.
If it was a blizzard, it would be record-breaking cold.
If it was a lie, then it'd be the biggest story you've ever told.


If it was a color, it would be deep, deep, blue
But if we're talking about a heartache,
It would be you.
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