Forgotten But Not Gone
Performed By:  Gary Allan
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Her birthday came and went without a card or a single "I love you,"
On their anniversary she sat all alone at a table set for two,
She tries her best to please him, but she never hears one single word of praise,
She feels just like a stranger in a home where love has seen it's better days,

Well, he's takin' her for granted
God only knows why she keeps hangin' on,
'Cause it's better to be gone, but not forgotten,
Than to be forgotten, but not gone,

Somehow he can't remember when he's late to even take the time to call,
And even on the nights he's there, she gets the feelin', he's not there at all,
She's become a prisoner in that big old house, where sweet love used to be,
Well it's not even over, but Lord, she feels just like a memory,

(Repeat Chorus)

'Cause it's better to gone but not forgotten, gone but not forgotten,
Than to be forgotten, but not gone.
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