Doin' My Best
Performed By:  Gary Allan
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Single six months yesterday thought I ought to celebrate.
So I went down to grab a couple beers.
And I got so drunk I ripped my pants asked the bouncer for a dance
I thanked him as he threw me out, woke up that ol waffle house
with a shiner and a wild brunnete. She dont know my real name yet.
No I ain't over you.

But I'm doin' my best every day and every night.
Hanging on by a thread thats stretched just a little to tight.
If I can't find some peace of mind I'll take what I can get.
I ain't doin' much good. but I'm doin my best.

I decided I'd get smart, and have a long talk with my heart
At some quiet spot outside of town.
So I took my best friends pontiac
Drove it like a maniac, right into the reservoir. I guess we ain't best friends no more.
Just for luck a cop came by, who I beat up in junior high.
Said I better have a good excuse...

(Repeat Chorus)
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