Your Wonderful Parade
Words:John Bettis
Music:Richard Carpenter
Performed By:  The Carpenters
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(Music: Richard Carpenter; Lyrics: John Bettis)

Your Wonderful Parade,
moving thru the towns that rise and then they fade,
Over streets that pass the houses where you've stayed,
Your Wonderful Parade.

Your daily masquerade,
paper masks that hide the faces you have made,
Crumbled down upon foundations you have laid,
Your daily masquerade.

Stand in line try to climb
meet your wife at cocktail time
you're sure to lose
so try and choose
a better way to fall.

Your marvelous charade,
Never could be worth
the prices that you've paid
Blindness is a part of
ev'ry game you've played,
Your Marvelous Parade.
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