Two Lives
Words:Mark Jordan
Music:Mark Jordan
Performed By:  The Carpenters
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(Mark Jordan)

Maybe I'm a dreamer,
Maybe just a fool.
Lately I can hardly see the sun.
If you had a secret,
I could take a guess,
But nothing in your eyes sees to hold me.
Truth or consequences, which one will it be?

Someone said that time would ease the pain 
Of two lives love torn apart.
But I believe whoever wrote that song 
Never had a broken heart.

One of us is hiding,
One of us can tell.
No one wants to be the last to know.
Someone has to answer,
`Cause someone has to ask,
If keeping on like this is torture.
Going undecided,
You know is twice as bad for sure.  

(Repeat Chorus)

No, I can't believe it's over, it's over
And I love you more than ever,
And ever.
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