Words:John Bettis
Music:Richard Carpenter
Performed By:  The Carpenters, Shirley Bassey
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Someday rested from hours of sleeping,
We'll stay safely behind what we're keeping.
You'll seem warmer than I had remembered you,
Laying so close I'll be able to fell you breathe; 
I could never leave.

One day when I am able to love you,
I'll come back from where ever I've been to.
I'll see you looking the same as you always have, lovely, so lovely
I'll  cling to the love you give;
So I'll start to love.

Someday is coming if I believe it,
Someday always brings to the good life you knew
Ever back to you,
How I need you.

Someday all I can give you is someday,
Someday all I can offer is someday.
Please say that you'll be waiting when someday comes,
Promise me this and a kiss to keep what you are always close to me
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