Sailing On The Tide
Words:John Bettis
Music:Tony Peluso
Performed By:  The Carpenters
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Music: Tony Peluso / Lyrics: John Bettis

Here I am, feeling confined.
Neon lights are making me blind.
I need time out in the sunshine.
The city and me just don't agree on who should be.
Maybe I should get away, take myself a holiday.

No more calls begging my time.
No more walls for me to climb.
I can't wait to feel the sunshine.
Leaving at dawn, after I'm gone, life will go on.
Someone's got to take my place, running in the human race.

Sailing on the tide in the morning, how I love that salty air.
Sailing to the wide horizon, let the fresh winds guide us there
Maybe, if you feel like it too, you might like to make the run, (make the
Sailing over the ocean to my beautiful island in the sun.

Over there, people are slow;
Low key life is all that they know;
Lying around, high on the sunshine.
Lazy lagoons, warm afternoons,
Tropical moon, sleepy beaches everywhere;
Anyone is welcome there.

Making no plans, play it by ear.
Could be days maybe a year.
I'm gonna be free in the sunshine.
Taking my time, trying to find trying to unwind;
Nothing's gonna hurry me,
Nothing's gonna worry me.  [Repeat chorus\with explanation]
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