Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
Words:Neil Young
Music:Neil Young
Performed By:  The Carpenters
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Music & Lyrics: Neil Young

Who's that stompin' all over my face
Where's that sillouhette I'm tryin' to trace
Who's puttin' sponge in the bells I once rung
and takin' my gypsy before she's begun

Just singin' and dreamin' of what's in my mind
Before I can take home what's rightfully mine
Joinin' and a listenin' and talkin' in rhyme
To stop at the feelin' to wait for the time

Who's sayin' "Baby, they don't mean a thing"
'cause nowadays Clancy can't even sing

And who's all hung up on that happiness thing
Who's tryin' to tune all the bells that he rings
Who's in the corner and down on the floor
With pencil and paper just countin' the score

Who's tryin' to act like he's just in between
The night isn't black if you know that it's green
Don't bother lookin', you're too blind to see
Who's comin' on like he wanted to be

Who's sayin' "Baby, they don't mean a thing"
'cause nowadays Clancy can't even sing

And who's comin' home on old 95
who's got the feelin' you're here to keep him alive
Though havin' and sharin' it ain't quite the same,
Paint a gold nugget you can't lay a claim

Who's seein' eyes through the crack in the floor
There it is baby don't you worry no more
who should be sleepin', but 's writin' this song
Wishin' and hopin' he works so damn long

Who's sayin', "Baby they don't mean a thing"
'cause nowadays Clancy can't even sing.
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