Johnny Angel
Performed By:  The Carpenters
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(Lyn Duddy / Lee Pockriss)

Johnny Angel, Johnny Angel 
Johnny Angel, Johnny Angel
You're an angel to me.

Johnny Angel how I love him
How I tingle when he passes by
Everytime he says hello 
My heart begins to fly.

Johnny Angel how I want him
He's got something that I can't resist
But he doesn't even know that I exist.

I'm in heaven, I get carried away
I dream of him and me and wonder how it's gonna be
All the fellows call me up for a date
But I sit and wait.
I'd rather concentrate 
On Johnny Angel
'Cause I love him
And I pray that someday he'll love me
And together will see how lovely heaven will be.
And together will see how lovely heaven will be.
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