At The End Of A Song
Words:John Bettis
Music:Richard Carpenter
Performed By:  The Carpenters
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Music: Richard Carpenter / Lyrics: John Bettis

They tell me somewhere this life isn't crazy,
But I've traveled the world far and wide,
And I say they're wrong.
Don't sell me stories that music's a lady,
It's not when the singers' alone at the end of a song.

At the end of a song, there's no one after the last note is played.
Only the memory stays, then even that fades away.
And there is nothin' so hard as convincing your heart 
That you should start singing again.

You told me nothing could change perfect lovers,
But like ev'ry promise you made,
It broke before long.
It's lovely falling away from each other,
But we've come to the last of our words,
At the end of our song.  

(repeat chorus)

That you should start signing again.
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