Steel Rails
Words:Louise Branscomb
Music:Louise Branscomb
Performed By:  Alison Krauss
Copyright:© 1990 One Note Publications
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Steel rails, chasing sunshine round the bend
Winding through trees, like a ribbon in the wind
I don't mind, not knowing what lies down the track
'Cause I'm looking out ahead, to keep my mind from turning back

It's not the first time, I found myself alone at dawn
If I really had you once, then I'd have you, when I'm gone
Whistle blowing, blowing lonesome, in my mind
Calling me along, that never ending, metal line



Sun is shinning, through the open box car door
Lying in, my mind, with the things I've known before
I've lost count of the hours, days, and times
Just the rhythm of the rails, keeps the motion in my mind

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