Performed By:  Alison Krauss, Union Station
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With your love I was complete
Like a haven safe from harm
'Til the bitter stole the sweet
I was perfect in your arms
A precious while I had your smile
'Til it all fell apart
With one change of heart

The pain and regret will fade
But a fact of love will still remain
You can't always trust happiness
Love like a sweet parade
'Til the saddest part when the music fades
You can't always trust happiness


If a single star I see
Ever made a wish come true
It would bring you back to me
But the best my heart can do
Is to love again, I don't know when
Still it's worth all I fear
The heartaches and the tears

Love like a lesson learned
When we pass the point of no return
You can't always trust happiness
There in love's steady glow hides
The power to hurt us so
You can't always trust happiness
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